IMPERFECT is the culmination of a R&D journey that began in 2015 in an urban digital lab called WeMake. 

IMPERFECT's goal is to use technology for agile couture that gives everyone the opportunity to dress and feel good in their own shape.

IMPERFECT offers democratic fashion: beautiful, sustainable, personal fashion for everyone. These garments are designed for people who want clothing that represents their uniqueness. 
Clothes to be felt, cuddled and experienced.
Sustainable fashion that combines quality, personalization and accessibility. 

Every person has the right and the possibility to personalize their way of dressing: to generate a language, a personal lexicon made up of shapes, shades and layers.
IMPERFECT invites you to express your individuality within the great diversity that unites us.

How ?  by using quality materials and producing at zero km. 

IMPERFECT is the dress you would like to find in the shop, is what you are looking for: a thread that connects the imperfect forms of the body with an inner harmony that makes us proud of ourselves. 

Sara Savian > Fashion Tech Designer 

Alessandra Trestini > Analog and Tech Maker

Mauro Alfieri > Wearable Technologist